Be Moore Fit

A brand identity for a fitness expert.


Be Moore Fit was developed as the persona of personal fitness trainer Lisa Moore. Be Moore Fit offers a personalized service without the intimidation of traditional personal trainers and the gym environment. FUSE was approached to develop a strong but fun brand identity for Be Moore Fit.


We worked with Lisa to develop a logo and brand identity that clearly communicated her vision for Be Moore Fit. Lisa identified a need for visuals of fitness but without the typical ‘look’ of fitness studios or personal trainers where intense-looking fonts and icons are utilized. We developed a look that uses the word mark, ‘Be Moore Fit’, as the bar portion of a barbell with simplified icons bookending the logo as the weights. The font for the word mark was chosen for its clean lines and modern appearance.


With the new logo and brand identity, Be Moore Fit now has a strong look to recruit new clients and market itself in the community. We’ll continue to work with Lisa and Be Moore Fit to develop the brand further to an online presence.

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Be Moore Fit logo sketches
Be Moore Fit logo
Be Moore Fit business cards
Be Moore Fit business card