Surfaces of London Inc.

A website for a family owned flooring store.


Surfaces of London is a local family owned flooring store located in London Ontario. Having no online presence FUSE was approached to help establish Surfaces of London’s place in the digital world by setting them up with a website as well as the means to manage their own digital/social marketing campaigns.


We first assessed the needs of Surfaces of London to create a plan that worked for them. Having determined a need to increase brand awareness we implemented a plan to provide a simple and concise website as well as establish their presence on search engines and social media. We then set up the tools for Surfaces to manage their own digital marketing campaigns and continue to provide them with quarterly analytics reports.


Surfaces of London is now seeing traffic and sales coming into the store through their online presence. We continue to work with Surfaces of London to enhance their digital strategy and grow their brand.

  • Web Design
Surfaces of London website design
Surfaces of London on iPhone
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